Software is like entropy...
It always increases.



Most projects are done based on tiered engineering rates. In some cases, we negotiate a custom pricing model. Depending on numerous factors, we accept percentage of revenue, capital, cryptocurrencies, and equity.

UI Person
QA Person


Senior UI Person
Senior Engineer
Project Manager


Team Lead
Top Grade Engineer
Data Scientist


We are happy to give cash back from our standard engineering rates for direct contracts. If you are a recruiter or simply know someone who needs engineering services, sign up on our new platform.
Product Delivery


Project Analysis

2-7 DAYS
The first step is to understand your requirements and goals. Based on our analysis, we create an initial set of wireframes and set milestones for design and development. We like to use Agile methodology, so we also kick-off the Scrum process. You will have our experienced technical architect at all stages, but especially during these initial weeks to guide you through a decision making process.

UI/UX Design

Our design team creates detailed markups for you to review and offer incremental feedback, progressing towards your perfect vision. At this stage we also determine the final team structure as well as necessary frameworks & languages for the product build.


Our development team collaborates throughout the product building process with emphasis on functionality and a flawless UX/UI experience. We prioritize features and scope to tackle each goal step by step, with weekly tracking on Trello, JIRA or your preferred project admin tool. The Agile iterative milestone build/test/review cycles enable us to incorporate your feedback and prioritize the most critical product features as necessary. We offer training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition for your team handoff and launch.


We provide ongoing support and bug fixes. For larger deployments, we offer system administration, help with development operations support, and performance optimizations.

Let's work together!

It doesn't take an army of engineers to get things done. What is needed is a solid team of experts, a defined strategic roadmap, and managers with vision and foresight.
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