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How it started

A lot of businesses try to ensure successful software development with all the wrong methods – overpaying home based engineers, bringing foreign talent from overseas and outsourcing projects for pennies on the dollar.

In my experience, a better solution is hiring smart developers to work remotely on a single project and establishing a communication pipeline with project management. If properly organized, a combination of local management and remote development does not only save money for everybody involved, it is a better way to deliver software products.

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Software Solutions Architect, Founder


Our core team is located in the United States. We work with engineers in Eastern Europe and South America.
Software Engineers

Why Eastern Europe

Great engineers and security experts at reasonable prices
Eastern Europe

Engineers & Security Experts

There is an enormous pool of talented developers in major European cities, capable of handling most complex, intellectually challenging and demanding tasks in the financial sector, AI, data modeling, big data, blockchain, optimization, security and low level networking. Our US based company makes things very easy both on paper and in daily communication and interaction.

Office Space

There is a daily call with a project manager, and a minimum once a week sync-up session at one of our modern and beautiful co-working locations. The clients are welcome to join our calls to keep their hand on the pulse.


Our firm is registered in the US and has US based jurisdiction, banking, and accounting.
Software Engineers

Why South America

There is a number of great developers and system administrators in countries like Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Same office hours as most of the US makes client coordination easy and efficient.
South America


We work with South American based engineers for larger projects, where time is of the essence and deployment and administration needs to be done around the clock.

Office Space

Our Argentina based PM handles all of the issues with daily calls and weekly sync-ups either remotely or at modern and beautiful co-working spaces in Buenos Aires.


Our firm is registered in the US and has US based jurisdiction, banking, and accounting.
Software Development


Over the years, we have collaborated with developers from a dozen of different countries and have recruiter connections and engineering network in Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Romania, Russia, and USA.

Let's work together!

It doesn't take an army of engineers to get things done. What is needed is a solid team of experts, a defined strategic roadmap, and managers with vision and foresight.
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