Smart Software

Secure Software Development
for Web, Mobile apps, and Blockchain

Entire Spectrum

From user interface to API and system infrastructure, we develop data-driven applications using Python, PHP, React JS, Node JS, Django, among others.

iOS and Android

We specialize in building native mobile applications for iOS and Android, coding in Java, Objective-C, and using hybrid platforms.


We configure and set up cloud solutions complete with database connections, load balancing, and best security practices on Google Cloud Platform and AWS.


With a vision to establish our platform on a blockchain, we lay the groundwork for a fully decentralized,  zero transaction cost ecosystem.

smart software solutions

What we offer

Dedicated teams, full-cycle development, security analysis and world class engineers. For short term projects, our core developers can quickly get you off the ground.


There is no substitution for smart, educated, and motivated developers

A lot of businesses try to ensure successful software development with all the wrong methods – overpaying home based engineers, bringing foreign talent from overseas and outsourcing projects for pennies on the dollar.

In our experience, a better solution is hiring smart developers to work remotely on a single project and establishing a communication pipeline with project management. If properly organized, a combination of local management and remote development does not only save money for everybody involved, it is a better way to deliver software products.

Smart Software Solutions
Boost your Success

We are engineering MVPs, APIs, full-stack and mobile applications, D-apps, and prototype software solutions

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Some of the tools we like to work with

Smart approach

We leverage your existing stack or analyze and recommend a better solution for your needs.
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